Robert Gordon x Madeline Stamer

Robert Gordon x Madeline Stamer


How much faith do you put in your husband to buy you a gift you actually want for Christmas? I’ve received all sorts of things, some good and some not so (vacuum for birthday was a lead balloon for me). Anyway, when Robert Gordon released their tickets for Artist Led workshops I forwarded that ticket link to Ian  and surprise surprise he came through with the goods.

Mum and I hit the road last Monday late afternoon and were pretty chuffed with room service and MAFS when we finally arrived to Rydges on Exhibition St. It has had an incredible renovation and I recommend the Salmon Poke Bowl if you’re choosing to dine in … On your bed …. With a Prosecco from the mini bar.

We started the morning with almond croissants and an iconic Melbourne latte. How good is a good coffee? Leaving the city we’re heading for the Robert Gordon factory in Pakenham, arriving in just enough time to have some more cake at their in store cafe Nancy.

You know when you have followed someone on Instagram and you feel like you know them well enough but in the same instance totally star struck, well that was low key me and Mum was 100% typical country gal and could not shut her up, chatty Cathy, anxious babble, bless her. We found our spots and quickly got started painting our master pieces.


Madeline spoke about her paintings being inspired by friends and family and we wanted to do the same. Mum painted gorgeous Silver Princess flowers and other natives from times bush walking with her parents and I had a go at some contemporary bright and vibrant flowers with my daughter Elma in mind. Although by no means precious, it is nice to dream of her using the salad bowl with her own family one day. That’s if Lewis hasn’t broken it before then!

It was such a wonderful workshop and we both really enjoyed our time with Madeline at the Robert Gordon outlet.


Shop Robert Gordon here: https://elmapark.com.au/collections/robert-gordon

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