Conditioner / Damask Rose, Chamomile, Lavender Stem (500ml)

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This silicone-free, nourishing conditioner is your everyday go-to for beautiful, bouncy, healthy hair that is strong and shiny. Unlike silicone formulas that attract dirt, build-up and weigh hair down, our formulas use natural, plant-based extracts like Damask Rose, Bush Tomato, Aloe, Provitamin B5 and Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize, smooth and calm hair, leaving it lighter, more manageable and lustrous. Less dirt and build-up means you can wash your hair less too, which reduces stress on your precious strands. This vegan formula is free of harsh chemicals and features our signature scalp-invigorating, strand-protecting blend of Black Pepper, Lavender, Myrtle and Sage. The result is hair that is easier to control, more resilient, that looks revitalized with healthy body and shine. OUR TIP: LESS IS MORE with this formula, start with a pea size amount worked through strands from mid-shaft to tips, avoiding roots. Features an uplifting scent of rose, sage and lavender.